The Right CPR Manikin Is A Big Deal For EMS Training
More reality during training make for better prepared EMTs

Imagine the common Joe or Jane walking down the street. Suddenly, one of the anonymous passers-by keels over. Joe/Jane will probably freak out, which would be bad. Ensuring that people take the proper steps instead of  freezing up or going crazy when a sudden medical emergency occurs is one of the important benefits of a first aid / CPR class. CPR instructors of the world: we applaud you!

As a CPR instructor, you understand that making demonstrations & practice sessions as realistic as possible is key. It is therefore important that you choose the right cpr manikin.

There are cpr manikins representing a whole slew of situations, age groups & body types. There are even electronic / mechanical manikins that are able to simulate dynamic situations and that can be adjusted to suit the desired situation.

In a future article we will discuss the pros & cons of different manikin types & brands.

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