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Researchers are looking into the best way to allow anyone to safely to administer neostigmine. This drug, usually injected or given via IV, can be toxic and is very dangerous if handled incorrectly. However, it is a promising anti-paralysis drug that can help some snake bite victims survive. Many snake venoms use neurotoxin to paralyze the victim. This drug may help.

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In light of what happened in Minneapolis, where EMTs went in to rescue victims while the gunman was still loose, concerns about EMT safety are being addressed.

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Three Minneapolis firefighters knew they had to enter Accent Signage to help wounded victims with the shooter still on the loose. With no weapons, flak jackets, or head gear, the three went inside the building knowing the shooter could easily target them as they tried to save the people who had been shot. Here they relate their experience.

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Sources: KSTP TV, Firerescue1.com

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Movies strive to be entertaining. However, on the road to entertainment certain realities are tweaked for the grand effect. Here are some examples.   » » » 
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An ambulance driver died as he was transporting a burn victim.

Sources: STATter.com, New York News | NYC Breaking News

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