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HLN TV‘s What Would You Do series presents the following scenario: A passerby suddenly collapses in front of EMTs, but the emergency personnel do nothing to help. What should happen now? HLN had 2 actors pose as the off-duty EMTs, while a stunt professional acted out the stricken patient. The result is definitely encouraging.

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Never forget. Rebuild. Strive for new heights.

For more info & resources, visit 911memorial.org.

View FDNY’s 9/11 tribute here.

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Scene sizeup is worth every moment, but witnesses might not realize.

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We all get them: the patient who just won’t put the cell phone down. In this episode of Remember Two Things, Steve Whitehead provides a couple of tips to get these persistent patients to hang up.

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A paramedic asks bystanders for assistance – and then leaves them hanging.

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