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Rapidly-expanding sponge disk filled syringe stops hemorrhaging wound in 15 seconds   » » » 
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Medics risk their lives to ensure the survival of our troops. Let’s take a moment to remember those who defend our country & those who care for them.


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This quadracopter drone can swoop down & snatch like an eagle. This may be useful for quick, efficient rescue operations especially in dangerous situations.

For more information read the full article at Mashable.com

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A meteorite shot through the Russian sky & exploded,  sending a molten meteor shower to the ground & people into panic. around 950 were reported injured. There was damage, too. Windows exploded, doors flew off buildings & structures shook.

Imagine having to treat patients in this environment of panic.

Sources: Russia Today, ParamedicTV.com

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Traci and Christopher Sturdevant are specialists deployed to southern Afghanistan. They are also married. They share their experience working together  in the base clinic & being together in the army.

Sources: DODLive.com, ParamedicTV.com

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