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Masimo demonstrated it’s new iSpO2 Pulse Oximeter at CES, the big Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. It’ may be your standard pulse oximeter, but it comes with a twist: a 30-pin dock connector and measurement app for use with any non-Lightning iOS devices.

Stig Åvall Severinsen, creator of Breatheology and world-record champion of the longest underwater breath hold (22 minutes!) lent a hand (or a finger) to Mike Drummond from Masimo to demonstrate the new device. By holding his breath, Stig can pretty much manually drop his heart rate. The data can be seen prominently on the iPad next to them.

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EpiPens save lives. Now schools may have EpiPens at the ready for any student or staff member who experiences a life-threatening allergic reaction   » » » 
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Aug. 19, 2012. 07:24 PM EST

In northern Colorado, a technique used by law enforcement to make neighborhoods safer is now being used to lower health care costs. Some people are more likely to make serious emergency room visits due to complicated medical conditions. Professionals help them manage their health better. In this way, emergency room visits & costs are reduced.

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Many people have dogs as pets. Dogs can be very loyal to their owners, so in case of a medical emergency, an agitated dog can be very serious about  protecting it’s owner from what it perceives as a threat. So how to get quickly past the over-zealous & possibly dangerous (temporarily, perhaps) dog to provide emergency medical treatment? These videos offer some safety suggestions & tips.

Videos embedded with permission from Hector Hernandez, founder of First Class Dog Training. Hector is an author, former law enforcement officer, speaker, police K-9 instructor and professional dog trainer.

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Here’s an inspirational story of Palm Beach County (Fla.) Fire Rescue Firefighter/Paramedic Willie Minkel, who changed his life around to become a happier, healthier, and more productive employee.

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