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KJCT ABC 8 Grand Junction

Feb. 14, 2013. 08:05 PM EST

A new foam has been developed which can contain, put out & even prevent fires far better than some normal techniques. It also makes the environment safer for the firemen involved.

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Hybrid & electric cars are increasing their numbers on the road. But this means that more MVA’s involve these cars. Firefighters have unique concerns in these situations, such as electrocution, an exploding battery & the lack of noise when a car is running & even moving.  So firefighters in Seattle are getting trained by car experts on battery-charged electric & hybrid cars. 

FYI, electrocution & exploding batteries are not such a big concern. The silent engine is.

Sources: KING 5 News, FireRescue1.com

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Chief Ernie Rhodes suggests using the blunt end of a fire ax when ventilating a roof rather than the cutting end. This makes for a faster and more efficient way to ventilate.

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Talk about rapid response! Martino Auto Concepts, an auto detailer in Glen Cove, New York, has transformed a Lamborghini Murcielago into a fire response vehicle, complete with a full complement of lights & sirens,  G.C.F.D. badging & other fire response-oriented hilights. The car’s modifications were designed & built in honor of Glen Cove Fire Department’s 175 years of service to the community. The company claims this is the only Lamborghini rapid response unit in existence.

As if a Lamborghini wasn’t attention-grabbing enough already!

Sources: CarBuzz, EMS1.com

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Some teens on a bridge decided to start throwing snowballs at a firefighter on a fireboat below. The Firefighter responds in kind, only more so.

Update » A comment on STATter911.com says that this was actually a bridge cleaning crew. There is no such update on the source’s site, Daily Mail. Whoever it was, it’s still funny.

Sources: STATter911.com

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