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These firefighters responding to this horrible accident knew they had little time to treat & transport the patient, & There was no time to get a jack. So they tried the brute force approach. They lifted the car off the pinned cyclist themselves. Sometimes teamwork & a sense of urgency can do the job.

Thu Jan 05 09:12:13 PST 2012

Portland firefighters lift car off pinned bicyclist

Eight Portland firefighters lifted a 3,200-pound car off a fallen bicyclist who had gotten pinned underneath. View full article.

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Share a Safety Tip For Post-Hurricane Emergency Response

Hurricane Sandy & Co. have come & gone leaving much devastation in it’s wake. EMS teams continue to work heroically to provide emergency services, some unique (Read “NY med. staff carry sick babies down 9 flights of stairs during storm evacuation“), & help affected areas recover. Having said that, it’s important to put your safety first. If an emergency service provider gets injured, their lifesaving efforts will be severely compromised.

Do you have any tips for emergency response in a disaster area? Let us know in the comments.

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Should a standard service life date be given to stretchers, or should the manufacturer work with you provided you use your stretcher with common sense?   » » » 
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Never forget. Rebuild. Strive for new heights.

For more info & resources, visit 911memorial.org.

View FDNY’s 9/11 tribute here.

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Witness the competitive edge of the Ferno EZ-Glide Stairchair with PowerTraxx in the Top Stair Chair Challenge!

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