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We at EverDixie EMS wish everyone a happy & healthy thanksgiving.

As medical providers, you know how vital your services are to the well being of your community. Give thanks that you have health. Give thanks that you are in a position to help safeguard the health of others.

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Being transported in an ambulance when wounded or ill can be stressful. Among the other life-saving procedures, EMTs try to calm the patient as much as they can.

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Watching someone dive off a cliff, professional daredevil or not, can make you queasy. Or terrified.

Now add in the fact that the equipment malfunctions.

Matthew Gough’s parachute opened backwards and got twisted and tangled. He smacked into the cliff wall, started tumbling, & hit the ground at 40 mph. He survived with only minor injuries.

Sources: Gizmodo.com

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Every time tragedy strikes, we have responded and gotten the job done and you have done it well. This EMS Week do something for yourself.   » » » 
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