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Scene sizeup is worth every moment, but witnesses might not realize.

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Aug. 19, 2012. 07:24 PM EST

In northern Colorado, a technique used by law enforcement to make neighborhoods safer is now being used to lower health care costs. Some people are more likely to make serious emergency room visits due to complicated medical conditions. Professionals help them manage their health better. In this way, emergency room visits & costs are reduced.

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Seems they had intriguing methods to pump water at a high pressure before electricity.

The Charlotte, N.C. Fire Department demonstrates the operation of an 1866 Jeffers hand-pump engine, a 1902 American steam engine and a 1905 American LaFrance steam engine.

The steam engines really brings “fighting fire with fire” to life.

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A few quick safety tips to keep in mind when using a power or conventional stretcher.

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A biker, who probably didn’t check to see if the intersection was clear, plowed right into the side of an ambulance. Ouch!

At least this accident has built in emergency response.

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