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Not sure if we feel comfortable trying this out ourselves, but at least here’s the basic idea…

Maybe don’t try this at home unless you’re also an expert microbiologist or snake handler.

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Chief Wylie reminds us that winter is not over yet (as if those in the NorthEast need reminding) & that a little preparation can go a long way during a winter emergency call.

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Move over OnStar: splitsecnd promises an accident emergency response service with more ease of use & less money   » » » 
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A meteorite shot through the Russian sky & exploded,  sending a molten meteor shower to the ground & people into panic. around 950 were reported injured. There was damage, too. Windows exploded, doors flew off buildings & structures shook.

Imagine having to treat patients in this environment of panic.

Sources: Russia Today, ParamedicTV.com

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Montana’s KRTV’s  emergency alert system transmitted an emergency  message warning of a zombie apocalypse.

KRTV issued a statement saying that the alert was bogus and the result of hackers infiltrating the emergency alert system.

Sorces:  ParamedicTV, KRTV

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