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Rapidly-expanding sponge disk filled syringe stops hemorrhaging wound in 15 seconds   » » » 
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Cars not moving out of the way can increase response & transport time & waste precious minutes. Lights & sirens cannot always be heard, let alone noticed by distracted drivers.

In Guayaquil, Ecuador, response times have been reduced by 40% by an incredibly clever technology. A radio transmitter hacks into the radios of cars up to 1 kilometer away and sends a message alerting the driver to the oncoming ambulance.

Source: Gizmodo.com

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This podcast explores new possibilities in the 911 system & first response which utilize smartphone technology to improve the systems.

Source: EMS1.com

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Not sure if we feel comfortable trying this out ourselves, but at least here’s the basic idea…

Maybe don’t try this at home unless you’re also an expert microbiologist or snake handler.

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Chief Wylie reminds us that winter is not over yet (as if those in the NorthEast need reminding) & that a little preparation can go a long way during a winter emergency call.

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