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Talk about rapid response! Martino Auto Concepts, an auto detailer in Glen Cove, New York, has transformed a Lamborghini Murcielago into a fire response vehicle, complete with a full complement of lights & sirens,  G.C.F.D. badging & other fire response-oriented hilights. The car’s modifications were designed & built in honor of Glen Cove Fire Department’s 175 years of service to the community. The company claims this is the only Lamborghini rapid response unit in existence.

As if a Lamborghini wasn’t attention-grabbing enough already!

Sources: CarBuzz, EMS1.com

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A news cameraman was filming aerial shots of emergency response to a truck rollover east of Perth, Australia when the helicopter crashed near where rescue crews were working. A spokesman for the Australian Transport Safety Bureau said they had gotten reports that the helicopter, a Bell 206, hit the ground hard while it was filming a traffic incident at Baskerville. A spokesman for the Fire and Emergency Services Association told AAP the helicopter was on its side in a paddock. The tail section was broken off.

Both cameraman Adam Delmage and the pilot survived with relatively minor injuries. The incident has been described as an emergency landing by the pilot. The pilot acted quickly to prevent a fire by having the firemen put foam on the still running turbines. Cameraman Adam Delmage was flung from the rolling chopper. The Australian Transport Safety Bureau will investigate to find the cause of the crash

Sources: STATter911.com, Radio Australia, BBC News, 9 News Perth, Channel 10 Australia, YouTube description

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Well, that’s one way a firefighter can get a potential suicide victim to come down off the roof.

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These firefighters show how it’s done.

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Masimo demonstrated it’s new iSpO2 Pulse Oximeter at CES, the big Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. It’ may be your standard pulse oximeter, but it comes with a twist: a 30-pin dock connector and measurement app for use with any non-Lightning iOS devices.

Stig Åvall Severinsen, creator of Breatheology and world-record champion of the longest underwater breath hold (22 minutes!) lent a hand (or a finger) to Mike Drummond from Masimo to demonstrate the new device. By holding his breath, Stig can pretty much manually drop his heart rate. The data can be seen prominently on the iPad next to them.

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