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Looks like he really didn’t realize. Are you kidding me?

Source: STATter911.com

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MONOC recently released a PSA on the effectiveness of lights & sirens & how care is still needed to avoid collisions & injury. It turns out that lights & sirens are not nearly as effective in warning drivers & pedestrians as one might think. This means that the available response time is very small.

MONOC suggests care & vigilance even while driving with lights & sirens. As for speed & aggressive driving, they show how it  may result in more patients than those in the back of the ambulance. They even go as far as to suggest regular driving without lights & sirens in certain select cases.

For references & a free copy, visit MONOC.org.

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A Washashington televisionstation had 3 marijuana-users drive on a course. They found that the more high the drivers got, the more aggressively they drove, the worse memory, and the less confidence in skill they had.

Marijuana is now legal in Washington.

Sources: CNN, ParamedicTV.com

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This video may depict a firefighter scene from the 1920’s, but you’ll probably recognize basic themes from your everyday shift. Like navigating difficult, sometimes non-yielding  traffic.

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