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A TU-204 passenger jet made a hard landing at Vnukovo Airport in Moscow. Then it crashed into the nearby highway. Debris can be seen flying onto the roadway & slamming right into traffic. The Interior Ministry reports that at least 4 were killed & 4 critically injured. Officials believe that the crash could have been caused by pilot error. Two people were found dead at the scene while a third, a 27-year-old woman, died on tyhe way to the hospital.

Source: STATter911.com by Dave Statter

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As father of a seven-year-old, the unthinkable tragedy in Newtown, CT hits me hard. Even so, I haven’t allowed myself to think about it too much; I don’t think I would deal well with the anxiety & pain. What the parents & relatives of these poor children & staff members must be going through must be beyond description. I can’t imagine what the first responders & backup among police, fire & EMS must have been thinking or feeling. Yet they faithfully performed their duties in the face of the unthinkable. My heart goes out to all involved & affected. Rest in peace.

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Share a Safety Tip For Post-Hurricane Emergency Response

Hurricane Sandy & Co. have come & gone leaving much devastation in it’s wake. EMS teams continue to work heroically to provide emergency services, some unique (Read “NY med. staff carry sick babies down 9 flights of stairs during storm evacuation“), & help affected areas recover. Having said that, it’s important to put your safety first. If an emergency service provider gets injured, their lifesaving efforts will be severely compromised.

Do you have any tips for emergency response in a disaster area? Let us know in the comments.

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There many different kinds of leadership styles in EMS. Some are more effective while others are counterproductive.

Article by Steve Cotter
from EMS World   » » » 

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In my opinion, the following video from the Canadian Paralympic Committee is truly inspirational, as it shows how someone who went through so much & is left disabled can persevere.

The Canadian Paralympic Committee is an organization devoted to creating an optimal environment for high-performance Canadian Paralympic Athletes to compete and win in the Paralympic and Parapan American Games (Olympics for disabled people) .

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