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Chris Solomons, an emergency medical dispatcher at Yorkshire Air Ambulance HQ, arrived at work around 7am. He had begun feeling chest pains & unwell in general while driving, & barely managed to arrive. He called over a fellow paramedic, who, with another colleague, assessed his status. It quickly became apparent that he was suffering from a massive heart attack. A few minutes later, Chris went into cardiac arrest. What follows is a display of true heroism by all involved in providing Chris with emergency medical care as soon as possible.

The whole episode was filmed by a BBC cameraman. This cameraman was present to film the team as part of a series called Helicopter Heroes. And heroes he got.

Read Chris’ full story here

Sources: First Responder Network, Arrhythmia Alliance, BBC

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Masimo demonstrated it’s new iSpO2 Pulse Oximeter at CES, the big Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. It’ may be your standard pulse oximeter, but it comes with a twist: a 30-pin dock connector and measurement app for use with any non-Lightning iOS devices.

Stig Åvall Severinsen, creator of Breatheology and world-record champion of the longest underwater breath hold (22 minutes!) lent a hand (or a finger) to Mike Drummond from Masimo to demonstrate the new device. By holding his breath, Stig can pretty much manually drop his heart rate. The data can be seen prominently on the iPad next to them.

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