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A TU-204 passenger jet made a hard landing at Vnukovo Airport in Moscow. Then it crashed into the nearby highway. Debris can be seen flying onto the roadway & slamming right into traffic. The Interior Ministry reports that at least 4 were killed & 4 critically injured. Officials believe that the crash could have been caused by pilot error. Two people were found dead at the scene while a third, a 27-year-old woman, died on tyhe way to the hospital.

Source: STATter911.com by Dave Statter

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Ferno & Bryan Fass provide tips on wellness & injury prevention delivered from an EMS perspective   » » » 
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I know all EMT’s try hard to minimize response times, but this is amazing!

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Students at Jefferson College of Health Sciences in Virginia take advantage of their new ambulance simulator. It allows them to train to work in that cramped space they may have to occupy for most of their career.

Source: WSLS 10 News

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In this episode of EMS Garage’s weekly Ferno casts, Chris Montera interviews Kris Turner, a Western Regional Director at Ferno, about his experiences at the company as well as insights into their relationship with customers. This is intriguing in light of their recent notice about service life.

Source: EMS Garage

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