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Ferno’s new cot with iNtegrated Patient Transport and Loading System, developed with the input of emergency medical personnel, is set to revolutionize patient transportation   » » » 
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Cars not moving out of the way can increase response & transport time & waste precious minutes. Lights & sirens cannot always be heard, let alone noticed by distracted drivers.

In Guayaquil, Ecuador, response times have been reduced by 40% by an incredibly clever technology. A radio transmitter hacks into the radios of cars up to 1 kilometer away and sends a message alerting the driver to the oncoming ambulance.

Source: Gizmodo.com

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Being transported in an ambulance when wounded or ill can be stressful. Among the other life-saving procedures, EMTs try to calm the patient as much as they can.

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The Atlanta Journal-Constitution

An ambulance was stolen by a patient at Emory University Hospital, giving the paramedics still inside a wild ride. The ambulance crashed right through the wall of a chiropractor office. One of the paramedics is in the hospital. The suspect may have mental issues, & is behind bars facing kidnapping charges.

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Sources: EMS World, Atlanta Journal-Constitution

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