Talk about a rude awakening! The blast from last Friday’s exploding meteorite in Russia is estimated at 500 kilotons (think 30 atomic bombs). The numbers sound like a lot, but to truly begin to get a feel for it, video footage helps. Below is a compilation of footage giving us an idea just how powerful the blast from last Friday’s meteorite explosion was.

Infrasound (short-frequency sound) waves are used by the Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty Organization to detect unauthorized nuclear bomb tests. On Tuesday they picked one up in North Korea that could only have been a nuclear bomb test. Then on Friday, they picked up a massive explosion in Russia. It was determined that the blast came from a meteorite, since the source seemed to be moving. The blast was so intense that infrasound waves were detected from Greenland to Antarctica.

Sources: Gizmodo,, Popular Science, Discovery News, CTBTO, English Russia

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What unbelievable courage these firemen are showing!

This happened in Chile during an 8.8 magnitude earthquake in February of 2010.


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A study  shows that EMTs and Paramedics are almost twice as likely to be involved in fatal driving accidents when compared to overall traffic accident fatalities involving workers. A cause seems to be rollovers due to the top-heavy construction of most ambulances.

The study used data from the Fire Protection Research Foundation, the CDC & the National Institute for Safety & Occupational Health.

Read full article:  Study: EMT’s face greatest risk on road

Sources: WishTV, ParamedicTV

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The Podmedic (Jamie Davis) shows you how to use your smartphone to study, review or reference EMS protocols & techniques on demand.

Sources: The MedicCast, EMS World

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Nowadays, firehoses are made of material that dries easily. As such, there’s no need to roll it up to put in storage to dry. However, hose rolls can still be very useful. Chief Wylie demonstrates three quick hose roll techniques.

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