Unfortunately, this misuse of EMS personnel & resources his is all too common.

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The Cleveland Clinic recently posted a video about the importance of empathy when treating patients.

You never know just what the person you passed by is thinking or feeling. It’s good to remember this and proceed with care & empathy whenever interacting with other people, be they patients, colleagues or anyone else.


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Watching someone dive off a cliff, professional daredevil or not, can make you queasy. Or terrified.

Now add in the fact that the equipment malfunctions.

Matthew Gough’s parachute opened backwards and got twisted and tangled. He smacked into the cliff wall, started tumbling, & hit the ground at 40 mph. He survived with only minor injuries.

Sources: Gizmodo.com

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This tornado left devastation in its aftermath. Aside from destroyed property, including 2 schools leveled, it has already proven deadly.

Now reports are coming in that another round of bad weather is expected for the area later this week.

Here’s hoping they are not nearly as bad and that the recovery goes smoothly.

Read more at STATter911.com

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Not sure if we feel comfortable trying this out ourselves, but at least here’s the basic idea…

Maybe don’t try this at home unless you’re also an expert microbiologist or snake handler.

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