This EMS Week, Work Towards A Better Performing You
Every time tragedy strikes, we have responded and gotten the job done and you have done it well. This EMS Week do something for yourself.

It’s EMS week, time to be recognized for all that you do.  Stand proud and stand up tall, it’s been an amazing year for EMS.  Tragedy has struck and each and every time we have responded and gotten the job done and you have done it well.  Now do something for yourself; do something easy to be well.  Do something to feel good, have better energy and lose weight.  Step back from the table or that buffet and put your nutrition first and foremost.  Here are some simple tips to keep you performing at the top of your game while feeling and looking better.  Let’s take a look at sugar and how it effects your body.

First and foremost how much is too much? The World Health Organization recommends sugar is 5% – 10% of your diet. Ideally you should eat no processed sugars at all sugar should come from a wholefood diet such as grains, fruit and natural food.

As a rule of thumb we should not be eating anything our grandparent’s grandparents wouldn’t have eaten.

» Tips to stop the ageing/sugar cycle:

  1. Reduce and ultimately eliminate processed sugar (so no soft drinks, added sugar, cakes, biscuits).
  2. Read up about low GI foods – these are foods lower in sugar and where the chemical balance reduces sugar hits on your system.
  3. Eat antioxidant rich foods such as deep colored fruits, vegetables and legumes, nuts and spices can all help reduce inflammation.
  4. If you need to add sugar, natural honey is a better option, as is stevia.
  5. One last good idea, keep a photo diary of yourself over six months as you wean yourself off sugar. Most people are surprised at how much better – and younger they look.


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