The Ferno Injury Free Program
Ferno & Bryan Fass provide tips on wellness & injury prevention delivered from an EMS perspective

As first responders & emergency medical specialists, we’re all looking to maximize patient care & do our job as efficiently & quickly as possible. However, many of us ignore, neglect or even damage our most valuable tool: our bodies. Being out of shape or doing things in a way that may injure ourselves prevents us from doing the best job we can. To this end, Ferno & Bryan Fass joined forces to initiate the Injury Free program. This program provides tips & instruction on exercise, nutrition, management of stress and fatigue, and injury prevention.

it’s not the big, heavy lift or the awkward biomechanics that hurt us

“What a lot of us don’t realize is it’s not the big, heavy lift or the awkward biomechanics that hurt us,” says Bryan, “A lot of times it’s doing normal things.” He goes on to say that our muscular system gets so chronicly fatigued that we get hurt doing normal things. “First & foremost we want you to know how to use our equipment,” says Tom Cox, Director of Training at Ferno. “But more importantly we want you to know how to use it properly. Our main interest is your health & longevity.” Bryan says that he focuses on wellness, which includes nutrition, sleep, exercise, & slowing down to think about how to best execute a procedure. In terms of an agency, Bryan stresses routine training as frequently as once a month on ergonomics & equipment handling. In addition, agencies can ensure that the equipment & products used by first responders lend themselves to better ergonomics & handling.

It’s refreshing to find help keeping fit & reducing injury that is focused on EMS. “All of this is designed from an EMS perspective,” says Jerry Socha, Director of Marketing at Ferno. This way, it’s easier for a first responder to relate & be inspired to make that change & take action. The content is also easily accessible. “All of the content is available as videos that you can find on YouTube, or through our Injury Free site,” says Jerry. This “will give you access to our Injury Free application for iTunes & Android.”

In addition to video tutorials, Ferno offers the Injury Free Club. By joining, you’ll receive the latest news, information about seminars, webcasts, and special promotions. For more information or to join, go to For more about Bryan Fass & why he decided to start Fit Responder,  see our interview with him.

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