Which Sunscreen is right for me and my family?

There are numerous sunblock and sunscreen lotions to choose from, raging from SPF 15 to SPF 85 or more. So which one should you rub on? Actually, skin professional tend to divide sunscreen lotions into two groups – the ones that are under SPF 50 and the ones that are above. The first category is for people with normal skin, and the second category is for people who are more likely to develop skin cancer, or people with light skin that burns easily.

A sunscreen with a lower SPF rating actually offers less protection than you think. We tend to apply only a very thin lotion of sunblock. Experts tell us that this thin layer is less effective than a thicker one. So if we use a little amount of SPF 15 it is actually more like using SPF 3. This is the reason why using SPF 30 to 50 is recommended by skin specialists.

Another important feature to look out for when buying a sunscreen is protection against ultraviolet light, both UVA & UVB types. In addition, to apply it generously & no more than about 30 minuets before you leave home, so it will have time to absorb into your skin. Repeat every two hours, & make sure not to skip sensitive areas like the ears, feet and scalp!

Apply & enjoy the beautiful weather!


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