Responder Safety Learning Network: Cross-Profession Safety

The Responder Safety Learning Network enables centralized safety training so different protocols do not confuse or even cause danger.

The Emergency Responder Safety Institute (ERSI) has launched the Responder Safety Learning Network. This initiative enables centralized safety training across multiple emergency response professions so different protocols do not confuse or even cause danger. It’s easy to sign up. Best of all, it’s free. Learn more at

» About The Responder Safety Institute

The Emergency Responder Safety Institute is dedicated to the safety of our nation’s firefighters, EMTs/paramedics, state troopers, police officers, sheriff’s deputies, tow operators, and departments of transportation responders. Every day, in service of the public, these professionals are exposed to the grave hazards present in emergency responses on the nation’s highways and roadways. ERSI engages in and promoting activities that include:

  • Developing educational material to support responder safety training
  • Promoting the National Unified Goal (NUG) for Traffic Incident Management (TIM) including responder safety
  • Safe, quick clearance and interoperable communications
  • Encouraging the development of TIM Teams
  • Promoting collaboration, communication and cooperation among the nation’s emergency responders
  • & keeping emergency responders up to date on national rules, regulations and trends related to safe roadway incident operations.

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