See Bryan’s previous article on the importance of EMT fitness.

Bryan Fass is one of the foremost experts on public safety injury prevention, wellness, fitness, patient handling ergonomics & injury analysis screenings. He is a highly regarded author, speaker and consultant. Bryan and the Fit Responder Programs he developed are being utilized to decrease workers compensation costs, reduce overexertion injury, reduce loss and field healthy-fit employees. State associations, municipalities, local government, corporations & industry have all benefited from the direction and credibility Bryan brings with the Fit Responder program.

As a Clinician with over 15 years of rehabilitation and human performance experience and as a Paramedic, he looks at the human body with a perspective that few possess. With the credibility to “get through” to employees since he has been there, he is able to change behaviors and that leads to injury reduction. Visit for more information.

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