What Preventive Measures Can I Take To Keep My Child From Choking?

Every single year over 3,000 people die from choking incidents – most of which are children. What steps can we take to help reduce the risk to our kids?

The obvious preventative measure for young children is to make sure there is nothing within reach for your child to choke on! Avoiding toys with small parts & cutting food known to be a choking hazard down to small pieces are all ideas that can be easy to implement. In fact, it’s probably a good idea if you don’t let them have this food until they are a little older. Also, be sure to note choking warning labels on toys and other household products such as; keep this and all small parts away from children 3 and under. And PLEASE keep ALL plastic bags away from ALL children.

You should also familiarize yourself with the Heimlich Maneuver. Here are videos describing the procedure.

Choking child:

Choking adult:

The most frightening situation would be if your child becomes unresponsive. Here is a video describing child CPR:

Update: For adults & teens 18 years old & up the AHA just came out with an easier version of CPR for the layman known as Hands-Only-CPR. We will cover that technique in a later article.

Of course, these videos are no replacement for a credited first aid & CPR course. Improperly implementing these procedures can cause more harm. At the course you will learn the gamut of basic first aidCPR procedures so you can deal with (minor) medical emergencies that come up in life, including the cuts & bruises. Hope you & your kids stay safe & happy!

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