Logrolling: Synchronized Immobilization

When victims suffer from a spinal injury, they need to be moved onto a stretcher without moving the spine or neck in any way so as to avoid further injury. To accomplish this, a technique called called “logrolling” is used. It usually takes three or more trained professionals to preform this maneuver in a safe manner.

Assuming the victim is lying on his back, one person should hold the victim’s head with both hands on each side of the head and make sure it stays stabilized. The other rescuers should position themselves at the abdominal area and near the feet.

While maintaining spinal control, the three rescuers will roll the victim on his side in sync, place the stretcher and lower the victim back onto the stretcher.

The following video demonstrates logrolling. Again, this is an extremely sensitive technique and must only be done by trained professionals.

An alternative to logrolling is to use a scoop stretcher.

Made from lightweight materials, a scoop stretcher features two hinged, interlocking pieces that allow operators to gently scoop up a patient without having to roll them, decreasing movement to the cervical spine. The stretcher’s head section is recessed to maintain proper cervical alignment. Because of this, a scoop stretcher supports the victim in the position found, reducing risk of further injury.

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