Less Tipped Stretchers With Load Height
We can get rid of 2 EMS stretcher issues with just 1 change

One of the biggest misconceptions we see on the street, especially using stretchers is the lack of information and training on transport vs. load height.  With both manual and powered cot’s they have a different height adjustment, one is for transporting the patient across terrain to the back of the truck; transport height.  One is for raising the cot to the final load position at the back of the truck, load position.

We can get rid of 2 issues in EMS with just 1 change.  By NOT transporting patients in LOAD height we will reduce the number of tipped cots and dropped patients.  By not raising a manual cot up from the floor to the full load position we will reduce lifting based injury.

(this does not apply to “H” frame cots, just the X frames)

Be Fit, Stay Safe

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