Embrace The Dark Side: Fitness Equipment That’s EMS Equipment
Some of the exercise equipment that has found their way into gyms are actually EMS tools!

Those hanging straps, kettle bells, plyometric boxes, sliders, bands and ropes that have found their way into many gyms are actually the tools of your trade!  Those ‘toys’ as I call them come from the world of athletic and tactical functional fitness.  Instead of your normal chest or back work grab a strap (TRX™ is the best known) and do single arm pushups, push up mountain climbers (feet in the straps) or walk out pushups. The list is endless, fun, challenging and uses ALL your muscles. PLUS you are not sitting down.  Rows, single arm rows, squat rows etc.

Kettle bells are also fantastic and the list of exercises is enormous. Read up or, even better, seek out a KB coach to learn the basics.  My favorites are full goblet squats, farmer’s walks, swings and Turkish get ups to name but a few.

Even better is that a strap can be tethered to any door so your station is an instant gym!

Be Fit, Stay Safe

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