Tourniquets Making a Comeback Nationwide
After fears of amputation caused people to shy away from tourniquets, their effectiveness in lifesaving is causing a comeback.

Police in Houston and across the US are being equipped with tourniquets. Being that prolonged use can lead to limb amputation, tourniquets fell out of use during the Civil War. However, during the recent years of war in Iraq and Afghanistan, a tourniquet’s lifesaving benefits were shown to far outweigh those concerns. Successful applications on the street continue to reinforce that outlook.

Since then, officers have been saving lives that they otherwise might not have.

Since then, officers have been saving lives that they otherwise might not have. An officer even diminished the impact in quality of life for a victim of a motorcycle accident. In addition to saving his life, the tourniquet allowed for the possibility that the victim may keep his knee. This will make it easier for him to be fitted with a prosthetic. “The only silver lining that comes from any war is improvements in medical care and specifically in trauma care,” said John Holcomb, director of the Memorial Hermann Texas Trauma Institute.

Training is imperative, since an incorrectly applied tourniquet can cause damage. Police officer & former Army captain Austin Huckabee has used a tourniquet to save a life. Understanding the need, he has always carried one – even before they were issued by the police force. He now trains his fellow officers how to correctly apply the professional tourniquets they all expect to be carrying by the end of September.

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