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Feb. 14, 2013. 08:05 PM EST

A new foam has been developed which can contain, put out & even prevent fires far better than some normal techniques. It also makes the environment safer for the firemen involved.

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In light of what happened in Minneapolis, where EMTs went in to rescue victims while the gunman was still loose, concerns about EMT safety are being addressed.

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Three Minneapolis firefighters knew they had to enter Accent Signage to help wounded victims with the shooter still on the loose. With no weapons, flak jackets, or head gear, the three went inside the building knowing the shooter could easily target them as they tried to save the people who had been shot. Here they relate their experience.

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Sources: KSTP TV, Firerescue1.com

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A motorcycle waiting to merge into traffic (what else was he waiting there for?) was struck by a car. The bike went flying. The cyclist more so. Luckily an ambulance pulled up just in time. Would’ve been interesting if this ambulance came.

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Montana’s KRTV’s  emergency alert system transmitted an emergency  message warning of a zombie apocalypse.

KRTV issued a statement saying that the alert was bogus and the result of hackers infiltrating the emergency alert system.

Sorces:  ParamedicTV, KRTV

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