OnStar Killer? Splitsecnd Accident Emergency Service
Move over OnStar: splitsecnd promises an accident emergency response service with more ease of use & less money

If one is in an accident, it’s important that emergency personnel are contacted as soon as possible. For years GM vehicle owners have had the benefit of the OnStar option. OnStar is also available for owners of cars of a different make. However, it requires a new rear-view mirror & more money out of your wallet than your GM-driving friend.

A new option, however, just rolled up. Splitsecnd is a little gadget that plugs into your cigarette lighter or auto outlet. As soon as it senses an accident, it sends an alert & your GPS coordinates to it’s call center. A splitsecnd emergency specialist then tries to contact the vehicle’s occupants & assess the situation. Splitsecnd staff then work with local 911 dispatchers to get emergency responders to the scene as soon as possible. You can also make contact manually – say, in the case of a medical emergency – by pushing the help button.

Splitsecnd also features a family finder service. By logging into my > splitsecnd or by using their app, you can check in on whichever vehicle is equipped with the unit.

Setting splitsecnd up is easy & simple. Service is included with purchase ($199.95) & the monthly fee ($14.95/month). The unit ships activated, so you can plug it in & get going right away. They even include a USB port so you can charge stuff using your car’s battery.

Even with ease of use & a reasonable price, it remains to be seen if splitsecnd will be as reliable a service as OnStar. It certianly looks promising.

Sources: splitsecnd, Gizmodo

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