Measure Vitals In Seconds – Star Trek Style!
Scanadu has developed a device that scans a patient & immediately delivers data on vitals

It’s confirmed: we’re living in the future. Technologies & equipment that were mere science fiction just a short while ago are now being seriously researched & even developed.

In Star Trek, the popular science fiction series (culture, really), medical staff were equipped with a tricorder, a device that could scan a patient & immediately provide data on his vitals & medical condition. Pretty convenient.

Wait no more. Scanadu has developed such a device. Just by holding the Scanadu SCOUT to the patient’s temple, it measures vitals in less than 10 seconds.

Measurements include:

  •  Pulse transit time
  •  Pulse Rate
  •  Electrical heart activity
  •  Temperature
  •  Heart rate variability
  •  Pulse Oximetry

The SCOUT sends the information received to your smartphone.  With the Scanadu mobile app, consumers will be able to track their personal healthfeed to monitor personal vitals and averages and identify health stats and trends over time. This healthfeed will provide consumers with a better understanding of their health and create more informed conversations between patients and their healthcare providers.

» Other projects in the works at Scanadu:

Project ScanaFlo

An economical system that turns your smartphone into a urine analysis reader. Designed as an OTC disposable cartridge, Project ScanaFlo will test for pregnancy complications, gestational diabetes, kidney failure, preeclampisa and urinary tract infections. Upon indication of pregnancy, the prospective mother can track the pregnancy with a healthfeed.

Project ScanaFlu

An economical solution that allows your smartphone to scan a patient & assess cold-like symptoms quickly. By testing saliva, the disposable cartridge will provide early detection for Influenza A, Influenza B, AStrep A, RSV & denovirus.

Scanadu will introduce all three products to market by the end of 2013.

Based at NASA-Ames Research Center, Scanadu is using mobile, sensor and social technology to give even consumers the ability to get basic medical data to make well informed decisions about medical treatment. Scanadu uses imaging and sound analysis, molecular diagnostics, data analytics and a suite of algorithms to create devices that offer a real-time, comprehensive picture of the patient’s health data. The company is also participating in the Nokia Sensing X Challenge, which seeks to revolutionize digital healthcare, as well as the Qualcomm Tricorder X Prize, which looks to bring healthcare to the palm of your hand.

Live long & prosper! These are exciting times.

Sources:, Scanadu

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