Hands-Free Convenience: The Golden-i Paramedic Pro
The convenience of hands-free communication & readily available information. The Golden-i Paramedic Pro

What if taking notes, accessing medical history & alerting the hospital were conveniently hands-free & readily available? Imagine no more. Enter the Golden-i Paramedic Pro : a lightweight Bluetooth/Wi-Fi head mounted computer with a near-eye, 15-inch virtual PC display and near-ear speaker.

The Golden-i is designed for what they call “spontaneous information snacking“. Using natural speech recognition and six-axis gesture sensing, it provides users with hands-free, on-demand access to virtually any information in the world. Field personnel can send real-time streamed video of a crisis situation, record & relay information, and access to information at the point of care. The Golden-i also enables direct video communication between field EMS providers and A&E, so the hospital’s doctors & medical staff can assess a situation, provide time-sensitive advice & start any preparations for patient care that much sooner. Also featured is a GPS system enabling  easy directions  & estimated times to hospitals & scenes.

“In emergencies, every second counts – Paramedic Pro provides the communications and information that medics need to save time, and to deliver the best possible patient care,” said James Woodall, CEO at Ikanos Consulting, developer of the Golden-i Paramedic Pro.

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