C-Thru Smoke Diving Helmet: Tech & Safety In A Single Unit

This awesome smoke diving helmet may revolutionize smoke divers’ already heroic efforts.

This is not the newest in PC gaming. This is an awesome smoke diver helmet design by Omer Haciomeroglu. A smoke diver is a firefighter specially trained for extreme situations. This helmet would enhance vision & hearing as well as minimize the layers & weight the firefighter needs to don & carry around.

» Visual Enhancement

An optical thermal camera on the front of each helmet sends data to a special device held by the lead Smoke Diver. Data on the surroundings is recorded, analyzed & sent wirelessly back to the team’s helmets. The helmets translate the data into a 3D wireframe of walls & / or debris. An image of potential victims can also be loaded, & the helmet will lock on to & target a victim if recognized. This data is all projected onto the helmet’s heads-up-display, along with other useful items like oxygen level & an infrared display. The data is all recorded for review & reports.

» Auditory Enhancement

The helmets also feature selective active noise cancellation which cancels the smoke diver’s breathing & enhances potential structural cracks and victim sounds.

» Air Support

Also featured is an automatic air support mechanism. When the front visor is closed and the locking mechanism is activated, air is automatically pumped from the oxygen tank for breathing & to create pressure to better sealthe helmet from smoke.

» Lightweight & easy

All this in a single, easy to don unit. Remember, firefighters need to dress in 90 seconds or they get left behind. This significantly reduces the time needed to don turnout gear. In addition, the reduced layers & bulk result in better mobility & enable a firefighter to enter places that previously might have been inaccessible.

If produced, this helmet would definitely enhance the smoke diver’s already heroic efforts. It would undoubtedly result in more lives saved.

C-thru Smoke Diving Helmet

Sources: Tuvie.com, Omer Haciomeroglu’s portfolio

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