Watch Your Head: The B2 Paramedic Helmet
Sports players & firemen wear helmets. Considering how an EMT’s job comes with some danger of injury, shouldn’t they wear helmet’s too?

Hockey, football & baseball players all wear helmets while playing. Firemen wear helmets to a fire. Kids wear helmets when skating or biking (after much parental nagging). So why shouldn’t EMTs on a call do the same? Standing while trying to treat a patent in the back of an equipment-stocked speeding ambulance that abruptly dodges a car suddenly appearing out of nowhere can be asking for injury. And an injury to the head may be serious, or even render one unconcious (“Hey, I thought we were only transporting 1 patient”).

To help solve this problem, Arasan, an exclusive wholesale manufacturers representative for innovative EMS Products, teamed up with Bell, a manufacturer of helmets and other sports accessories, to produce the B2 Paramedic Helmet. This helmet is lightweight and features a low profile. This allows for use in confined spaces both in & out of the ambulance without getting in your way. It also features a kevlar & carbon fiber shell, advanced composite liner technology & 3M Reflective Tape for increased visibility. It is the only medic helmet built to motor-vehicle safety standards.

Arasan understands that comfort & convenience are also important. There are 3 sizes available as well as removable padding for a comfortable, custom fit. Also featured is a comfort quick-release chin strap which allows complete access to the ears for a stethoscope or radio. The double-curved injection molded visor is compatible with eyeglasses and a respirator.

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Sources: Arasan, EMS World

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