Organization & Accessibility With The G1 Perfusion ALS Bag

The Statpacks G1 Perfusion ALS Pack is a very popular ALS bag, & for good reason.

One of the challenges I’ve experienced on an emergency call is to stay organized & have equipment readily available. I have to know exactly where things are & be able to access them on a moment’s notice, so a good bag is key.

The StatPacks G1 Perfusion ALS Bag is great for all EMS technicians. It has two conveniently located main compartments and three external pockets which allows me to achieve superior organization with large amounts of BLS and ALS equipment.

I think the backpack /sling hybrid design is really neat. It enables the pack to be worn as a back pack or side sling, or even carried by hand which allows maximum freedom and mobility. Your equipment will be protected by foam lined construction, while the back is ergonomically designed & padded for carrying comfort. There’s a quickzip access to the main compartment and the large side pockets allow me quick access to vital sign tools without accessing the main compartment.

The Statpacks G1 Perfusion ALS Bag is a very popular ALS bag, & for good reason. It’s definitely worth looking into.

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