The Kendrick Extrication Device

The KED or Kendrick Extrication Device, is an important tool that helps to remove a patient safely from a motor vehicle. The Kendrick Extrication Device stabilizes the victim’s head, back, shoulders and torso while immobilizing the patient’s ability to move the head, neck or spine.

The Ferno K.E.D for example, is a versatile, improved means of immobilizing and extricating patients from auto accidents or confined spaces. The wrap-around design provides horizontal flexibility for easy application and vertical rigidity for support of the spine, neck, and head during extrication. The Ferno K.E.D immobilizes torso, head and neck, enabling prompt extrication while minimizing risks of further injury.

Another Kendrick Extrication Device is the time-proven design of the K.O.D.E. (Kendrick’s Other Device For Extrication). This legendary, industry standard design encloses the torso and cervical spine in a rigid frame of multiple vertical battens, providing horizontal flexibility and vertical rigidity for maximum support during extrication.

Remember that using a Kendrick Extrication Device is a complicated procedure which requires training. A famous mnemonic helps a rescuer ensure that the straps are secured in order: “My Baby Looks Hot Tonight” referring to Middle, Bottom, Legs, Head and Top.

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