Handheld Device Finds Veins For IV Catheterization
Researchers have developed a hand-held IV vein finder

Finding a vein for IV catheterization can be challenging. It requires training and experience to perform successfully. Yet even then there are cases where finding an appropriate vein can be difficult & frusturating, & even painful for the patient, causing much distress.

In an effort to minimize these issues as much as possible, researchers at the Hebrew University have developed a handheld device that can identify veins using infrared sights and electrical sensing. Upon finding an appropriate vein, the device, called SAGIV, inserts the catheter & removes the needle in one rapid motion.

The current prototype has been used at Hadassa Medical Center in the pediatric ward. “We had a lot of excited parents asking that we use the device,” said Almagor. “Children that used to be pricked numerous times in every visit can now be connected in a single attempt.”

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Sources: Hebrew University, Gizmodo

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