Cot Revolution: Ferno’s Innovative iNX Power Stretcher
Ferno’s new powered independent x-frame cot with iNtegrated Patient Transport and Loading System, developed with the input of emergency medical personnel, is set to revolutionize patient transportation

Forget what you knew about ambulance stretchers. Washington-based Ferno EMS went back to a blank drawing board. They researched new technology, consulted with emergency medical providers, tested heavily & rolled out the iN/X (Powered iNdependent X-Frame with iNtegrated Patient Transport and Loading System) ambulance cot, a medical stretcher that revolutionizes patient care and EMS handling.

» EMT Safety

Your back is saved! Or, at least it won’t be further aggravated by the constant strain and bending. The iNX power loader features the iNtegrated Loading System. This allows the stretcher to lift each part of the frame independently so loading is a breeze while you remain standing upright. The Automatic High Speed Extend and Retract feature reduces load and unload time. You can even adjust & program the height to match that of your ambulance’s floor.
Dual powered actuators maximize tip stability and lifts patient loads up to 700lbs. The iNdependent X-Frame Design allows you to navigate obstacles with your thumb and not your back. It’s even easier to see where you’re going in dark or hazardous areas due to the iNdependent lighting system with continuous and flashing modes.

» Ease of use

Focus more on the patient’s condition & care. The iN/X gurney features simple one-touch operation, freeing more attention for what’s more important. An LCD display provides system status, operational cues & power level. The cot maneuvers great in any direction at any bed height due to 360° locking swivel wheels. A programmed chair position makes transferring seated patients much easier. There’s even an integrated charging system which eliminates battery management. In the event of power loss, a manual back-up system provides complete operation. To prevent power loss & other problems, in-fastener shut off prevents accidental operation in ambulance. Accessories can be attached easily in any position using the Versa-Loc Outer Rail System.

» Patient Care & Comfort

The iNX cot is packed with features to enhance the comfort & treatment of your patients. Procedural care is enhanced by a level patient surface. However, the iNX bends smart. In addition to the adjustable seat back, the patient’s feet can be raised for shock treatment. The adjustable arm rests feature an IV position, and the telescoping foot-end handles increases patient foot clearance while loading. And for a nice touch useful for long transports: a sealed memory foam mattress.

Ferno’s iNX is truly a game-changer in patient transportation. It’s innovative features are set to revolutionize EMS and make providers rethink what’s possible. For more information, call me at (718) 257-6400 or email me at

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