Color Changing Syringe Prevents Re-use
A color-changing syringe may help reduce non-sterile syringe use

A recent study by the World Health Organization indicates that each year, injections from unsafe needles & syringes cause an estimated 1.3 million early deaths and direct medical costs of $535 million. They also estimate that out of 40 billion injections administered each year, 40% are delivered with reused syringes without sterilization. This causes 32% of all Hepatitis B cases, 40% of Hepatitis C cases & 5% of all new HIV cases.

Dr David Swann of Huddersfield University intends to change this trend. He is developing A Behaviour Changing Syringe (ABCs), a syringe that changes from clear to red permanently to indicate non-sterility. Upon testing the syringe in India, he found, amazingly, that 100% of those shown the syringe, both literate and illiterate men, women, and children, correctly identified the red syringe as dangerous. And the best part is: it costs only a little more than an ordinary syringe; far less than Auto Disposable Syringes.

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Sources: Design To Improve Life, Gizmodo

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