The Clear Collar Advantage in Immobilization
The ClearCollar’s transparency permits medical staff to visually assess the neck without the need to prematurely remove a collar.

Using your exceptional skill as an EMT, you’ve managed to successfully extract the patient with no potentially damaging movement. With the patient strapped on the backboard & fitted with a cervical collar, you’re certain the patient will not move until he gets to the hospital. Then you start thinking: although you visually inspected the area prior to applying the extrication collar, symptoms of thoracic injuries or other complications in that area may develop. How can the patient be triaged quickly & accurately without removing the collar?

» The Clear Solution

Enter ClearCollar, an innovative new product which brings clarity to this problem. The ClearCollar’s patented transparency permits medical staff to visually assess the neck without the need to prematurely remove a collar. This significantly reduces the high risk of injury through motion from repeated opening & closing of the collar. This means less patient injuries through lack of proper immobilization & lower risk of legal liability.

Visibility is not the ClearCollar’s only win­ning fea­ture. For starters, it’s strength & dura­bil­ity are impres­sive.

Visibility is not the ClearCollar’s only winning feature. For starters, it’s strength & durability are impressive. The ClearCollar exceeds torque and pressure tests against competitor collars & features optimum flexibility and strength even in extremely hot or cold environments. The cushion does not get slippery when wet. Large posterior & anterior openings allow easy palpation and unprecedented access. The new adjustable collar allows for a perfect, comfortable fit every time with every patient. In fact, even the standard, non-adjustable models have been shown to provide a more comfortable fit than it’s foam competitors. In addition, the ClearCollar is manufactured from FDA approved medical grade material which will not break the patient’s skin during temporary use. It is also MRI, CAT & X-RAY compatible. Look out for the long-term Rehabilitation Series ClearCollar which is currently in development.

» The ClearCollar Story

Carefully removing a cervical collar from a car accident victim, Alan Donaldson, an Emergency Room Nurse of over 20 years exclaimed out loud, “Why don’t they just make these things clear so we can see what’s going on!?” The doctor agreed. That night, using everyday household plastics, Alan created a prototype of what would become the world’s first, fully-transparent cervical immobilization collar. Ahead of his time, Mr. Donaldson soon learned that while enthusiasm existed for the product in the medical industry, the technology and process to manufacture a transparent cervical collar simply wasn’t available at that time

“the tech­nol­ogy in TPE (plas­tic) tech­nol­ogy was there, sur­vey research indi­cat­ing that the mar­ket was eager for this kind of prod­uct was there and of course the patent was there. Now all we needed were start-up funds.”

A few years later Cassmer Ward, now CEO of the ClearCollar, a business team from Queens University, Jeremi Snook, now COO, and Robert Weatherwax, now Director of Manufacturing, approached Mr. Donaldson with a proposal to help make his dream a reality. “It ended up being a perfect storm for success,” says Ward, “the technology in TPE (plastic) technology was there, survey research indicating that the market was eager for this kind of product and of course the patent was there. Now all we needed were start-up funds.” For the next twelve months, the new ClearCollar team promoted the concept to medical professionals, medical investors & angel groups across the nation. “We were overwhelmed by the response,” says Jeremi Snook, “we were able to raise just under $1 MM in capital funds during one of the worst recessions in U.S. history.” What makes the ClearCollar such a novel and exciting product? “It’s a no-brainer,” contributes Bertrand Fote, M.D., FACEP, Assistant Medical Director for Rowan County EMS. “Anytime you can see more of what’s going on with the patient without further exposing the patient to unnecessary risk is a good thing.” This ‘no-brainer’ sentiment about the ClearCollar is shared by paramedics, physicians & nurses around the globe. While in test run, the ClearCollar sample generated interest and inquires from Canada, England, South Korea and the Middle East. The EMS-refined & tested design has continued to generate interest, and has been found applicable to all situations in which cervical collars are used, from the emergency room through treatment and rehabilitation.

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