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Yakov Morsel

Sheer cliff on either side. Where to land? No problem! How about the guardrail!

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Sports players & firemen wear helmets. Considering how an EMT’s job comes with some danger of injury, shouldn’t they wear helmet’s too?   » » » 
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Are hairy chests a hinderance when it comes to AED pad functionality & adhesiveness? Find out the truth!

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Your back will thank you!

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Features of the Rossbro Bariatric Automatic Stretcher Lift

  • May be used for everyday use.
  • Certified to LIFT 1100 LBS.
  • Fully sealed cassette for weather protection.
  • Designed for -40º weather.
  • Has a 32″ wide X 74″ usable length.
  • No chassis modifications.
  • Can be used with ALL Ferno & Stryker stretchers.
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The FDNY put out this video explaining the significance of the poster they made for this year’s EMS Week.

As they said on their site, FDNY EMS members always say their career is not a choice, it is a calling. This poster demonstrates their passion for the job.


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