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Avi Schoenbrun

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution

An ambulance was stolen by a patient at Emory University Hospital, giving the paramedics still inside a wild ride. The ambulance crashed right through the wall of a chiropractor office. One of the paramedics is in the hospital. The suspect may have mental issues, & is behind bars facing kidnapping charges.

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Sources: EMS World, Atlanta Journal-Constitution

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A San Francisco firefighter shows the correct way to tie various hand equipment for hoisting.

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Unfortunately, this misuse of EMS personnel & resources his is all too common.

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Medics risk their lives to ensure the survival of our troops. Let’s take a moment to remember those who defend our country & those who care for them.


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The Cleveland Clinic recently posted a video about the importance of empathy when treating patients.

You never know just what the person you passed by is thinking or feeling. It’s good to remember this and proceed with care & empathy whenever interacting with other people, be they patients, colleagues or anyone else.


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