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Avi Schoenbrun

Now here’s a straight forward way of dealing with Hemorrhaging. Ouch! But the victim probably doesn’t mind a little more pain to stop the bleeding

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High school runner Seth Goldstein was competing in a cross country race. He had just finished the second loop when one of the runners from a rival team collapsed in front of him. Seth stopped to help while everyone else ran on.

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Sources: Huffington Post

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Got tons of keys vying for a comfortable spot in your pocket or hanging from your waist? This may relieve some of the clutter.

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Source: Lifehacker

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These firefighters get silly in gear. Some of the stunts are probably not the best idea, but it’s kind of funny.


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A mother in labor being driven to the hospital began giving birth to the first of 2 babies while still on the interstate. She successfully gave birth, but the child was not breathing. She called 911 and administered CPR to get the baby breathing again.

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Sources:, Daily Mail.

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